Stocky's® AccuBlock® Long Range Sporter (LRS™) Remington 700™ BDL Laminated Thumbhole

Stocky's AccuBlocks

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#1 in Recoil Reduction!

A new top-of-the-line centerfire thumbhole, Stocky announces the LRS - a tremendous value in premium quality laminated riflestocks. Never satisfied with the status-quo, Stocky creates the best value in riflestocks for you guys (and gals) once again. While others are limiting your choices we are busy expanding them. Take a long, hard look, not only are the best and brightest still in our line-up, but we've added a couple more!


Hart Long Range Target Features

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Something subtle but special in the design proclaims the bearer a true affectionito. A subtle streamline, the perfect palm swell, and the addition of an extremely luxurious mirror-gloss finish on the brighter colors and no-spook matte on the others.


Photos don't do them justice, especially the high gloss units. In this world full of mundane black plastic stocks they truly shine. If you are looking for a real showpiece, this'd be the one.

Low Luster Finish:

  • Tawny Brown (Brown/Brown)
  • Granite Gray (Black/Gray)
  • Birch (Tan/Brown/Gray)
  • Timber (Olive/Brown/Gray)
  • Coffee (Brown/Gray)
  • Brandy (Dark Red/Brown/Gray)
  • Desert (Rose/Brown/Orange)

High Gloss Finish:

  • Autumn (Pumpkin/Gray)
  • Crimson (Red/Gray)
  • Hornet (Yellow/Gray)
  • Plum (Plum/Gray)
  • Cobalt Blue (Blue/Gray)
  • Safari (Green/Blue/Tan)
  • Evergreen (Green/Gray)
  • Black Rasberry (Purple/Yellow/Red)

This is the preferred model for standard and magnum barrel rifles.

  • Cleanly inletted for sporters with factory standard barrels;
  • Very close to free-floated out of the box, little or no work required;
  • Sporter forend for lighter weight and faster handling;
  • Fitted Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad;
  • Premium sling swivel studs,
  • Comfortable palm swell;
  • Roll-Over Cheek piece.

Best for long range work, the thumbhole stock has been widely acclaimed as the most accurate and softest-recoiling field stock on the market. It is also a very handsome stock, sporting an improved tapered thumbhole, perfectly placed palm-swell and state-of-the-art engineering.

Stocky's Take: The LRS forend is a "drop-in fit" for standard sporters and magnum barrel channels with little or no modification necessary for most rifles. (Always be sure to check for fit and function prior to live firing.)

All Remington 700 BDL stocks are designed only for "BDL/CDL/SPS-Style" rifles. ADL's can be converted to BDLs with these Conversion Kits. Those with Remington Detachable Magazines will work if you are willing to file the release button slots yourself or convert to BDL's as described.

See the Long Range Varmint for heavy barrels.

Stocky's AccuBlocks
Overall Length:
3 lbs 2 oz
Length of Pull:
Forend Width:
Max Barrel Contour: