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Refunds and Exchanges:
Please call for a Return Authorization number within 10 days of receipt to inquire about our Complete Satisfaction Policy. Please have a description of the problem and your order number handy: (561) 584-8500. 

Items returned without a return authorization may be subject to a minimum 25% handling / processing charge assuming the goods are in new condition.

Occasionally returns are arriving with no names, order numbers or anything that would give us a clue where it came from. How can we process it if we don't know the who, what or where of it? This causes us needless hours of research and calling when all you have to do is call and get the form!

In Stock Items / Backorders / Custom Orders: THIS WEB SITE LISTS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE IN STOCK, NOT WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE IN STOCK. If you ever have a question if an item is in stock or not, simply place it in your shopping cart. If it states "Backordered" it is not in stock.

With thousands of gunstocks on hand, at least as many on Open P.O. (perpetual order with the factory), and ten-times that many available (FAR TOO MANY TO LIST) on Custom Order (specific stocks we order just for you when you buy it) at Stocky's it can sometimes to be hard to choose! Our first choice is to encourage you to order from on-hand inventory. Due to the nature of the gunstock industry things can change fast, manufacturers come and go, delivery periods on special orders vary widely and items get discontinued frequently, and often without notice. I wish it weren't this way but it is, therefore if time is of any concern pick the one we can ship out to you this afternoon!

Still we get a ton of requests to offer backorders at sale pricing since we have the best selection and lowest prices on the planet. Due to popular demand we now accept backorders and custom orders at current sale pricing in effect on the day you place the order! When your order is placed your card is charged and the item will be committed to you immediately in our software if it is already on order at the factory, or an order for it is placed with your order number on it at the factory if not.

A gunstock can be a fairly technical purchase and we want to help you to get the perfect one the first time, in a timely manner. However stock manufacturers rarely quote accurate delivery dates, that is why we warehouse so many. But inevitably a valued customer finds the ideal stock is out of stock, or it is highly specialized and only available on custom order. Since production is scheduled immediately such orders are literally impossible to cancel, even if delayed, so we want you to be sure of all the parameters before deciding, not weeks after. That's why we put reams of details right here on the site, answer emails hourly and have just installed a new multi-line telephone bank for our expert staff. We pride ourselves on our professional approach to this very unique business and have installed some very unique features on our site to make it as simple and quick for you as possible.

Please be sure you are looking at the exact model and color, many stocks are very similar (i.e. Bell & Carlson 2997 vs. 2999; black web vs. plain black, etc.) If there's any doubt at all do not hesitate to contact us, that's why we have an expert staff on hand.We want to hear from you!

Stocky's Complete Satisfaction Promise: You'll be pleased or your money back within 10 days of receipt on unused, unaltered, undamaged items purchased from normal inventory less 10% processing and shipping charges if applicable. Exchanges are cheerfully accepted if you pay the freight. (There are a few obvious exceptions to this such as factory blems, discontinued/closeout merchandise, certain rare or hard-to-get items, etc.. These are clearly noted on the individual product pages on the web site.) Please be kind and re-package it well for the return ride and remember to insure it! Defective merchandise and/or errors are cheerfully replaced or refunded at our option and may be subject to manufacturers' inspection process.

Please forward a copy of your email order confirmation to for a return authorization with a description of the problem. Kindly do write the number on the outside of the box, placing a copy of your paperwork in the box with the item so we know where it came from. Please be considerate and re-pack it well. It is important to note that the packaging materials often become worn or compressed during the original shipment and you should plan on using new box(es) and other protective material to return a fine riflestock. Please use UPS, US Mail and FedEx are the worst possible methods, we discourage their use from hard experience.

When you compare those that do versus those that do not, there's often a big difference in product pricing, so if you want a bargain this is one of the responsibilities everyone has to accept as part of the low price. Stocky only reimburses for shipping when it is 1) pre-approved; 2) our error, and/or 3) when the manufacturer reimburses us.

Due to the nature of our pastime many of the items we sell are designed to be altered, modified or otherwise customized. We are even happy to work with you and suggest such modifications. However, once you begin to make them be aware your stock is now yours. Unauthorized returns, damaged items, or items that have been altered from their original state are not eligible for refunds or exchanges for obvious reasons.

Alterations: Stocks that have been modified from their original state cannot be returned. This may be restating the obvious but it seems we have had some requests for refunds lately on modified stocks. Stocky's only refunds items that are within the parameters of out return policy and altered stocks are not eligible.

Call before you cut! You must contact the manufacturer to clarify their specific warranty policies and recommendations for altered stocks, regardless of who is suggesting the modification.

No one in this business ever reimburses the end user for fitting or other alterations. In other words, you may have to fit any aftermarket stock yourself (as stated about 100 times elsewhere on this site) or get someone else to do it for you. Anyone that claims 100% drop-in is telling you tall tales and statements like, "ya, it'll drop right in there, buddy" indicative of the integrity of the person you are dealing with. Some factories even advertise that then double talk you when it doesn't. Stocky does not operate like that.

Manufacturer(s) Warranty Policy: Many products we sell are covered by a manufacturer's warranty that requires items to be sent directly to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. Please bear in mind that these are manufacturer's warranties, not ours. (Some pay freight, some do not.) Manufacturer warranties always override our return policy. Outside of our 10 day exchange period Manufacturers' Warranty applies. Please contact us for more information or details on submitting a claim if required. Custom orders must be returned to the factory for service. 

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