Technical Pages

  • Main Support Page
    A 'must read' before purchasing any aftermarket gunstock! Includes the first 3 things you have to know before choosing the correct stock for your particular rifle plus extensive information about various manufacturing idiosyncrasies and conversions between models. Includes photos, dimensions, availability and specifics on most popular firearms.
  • NEW! Improving Your Factory Rifle
    Only accurate rifles are interesting." - Col. Townsend Whelen
    So how do we go about improving accuracy? We do it through the systematic elimination of variables (components) that may be interfering by fixing or replacing them with commonly known cures. Here's the step-by-step process.
  • NEW! What's All The Fuss Over Aluminum Bedding?
    Why aluminum bedded stocks are so advantageous over plain wood and plastic.
  • NEW! Building A Custom Rifle
    Must-read when one wants to do it right the first time. Tips and tricks for getting that desired cartridge into a rifle chambered for something else.
  • Choosing Your Stock
    Comprehensive discussion about manufacturing techniques, laminates versus composites, and selecting the correct stock for your rifle and its intended use. Also contains valuable suggestions about planning the handles on your entire gun collection.
  • Stock Installation Instructions
    Step-by-step details with photos installing a new aluminum bedded tactical stock on a Remington 700.
  • Accurizing Overview
    Stocky discusses the right way to accurize your new riflestock complete with downloadable .pdf instructional manuals and common aftermarket adjustments that may be required for the best fit.
  • Fiberglass Epoxy and Pillar Bedding Instructions
    Step by step accurizing including epoxy and pillar bedding techniques with recommendations.
  • Barrel Contours
    Common barrel contours and links to custom barrel contours. Handy reference to have available when perusing the site or contacting us to discuss the applicability of your anticipated stock purchase.
  • Cross References
    Manufacturers often make firearms under several private labels. Here's hundreds of handy cross-references to guide you.
  • Stock Finishing
    Steps involved to get a perfect finish on an unfinished stock.
  • Schematics
    Exploded diagrams of most popular models.
  • Making the Shot
    Success is putting things together correctly, using what you have wisely and planning well ahead of the shot: confidence building techniques, pre-season preparation, rifle cleaning, barrel breaking-in, ballistics calculator, long range sighting, understanding the concept of point blank range, proper use of laser rangefinders and more. Includes the famous 3-shot sight-in technique.