Harris Bipods - Attach To Your Front Swivel Stud

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Here's the reason we put two studs on the front of most stocks! Even if there's only one stud on your stock, you can still attach the Harris to the stud and these's a hole in the bipod for the sling! Harris bipods are quick detachable and clamp to the quick detachable sling swivel stud of any rifle, with adapters available for those rifles that do not have a factory installed Q.D. studs. We also sell studs if you'd like to install one or more on your rifle.

I've used the Harris 'pods for literally 40+ years and they are the standard by which they are all judged. There is really nothing better. Light weight design means you'll keep it on your rifle and it will be there when you need it, not in your backpack or back in the truck.

They are very fast to use and get into position with. You keep the spring-loaded legs forward, parallel to the barrel while hiking and pop them down when you're ready to rock. The legs either extend out instantly (notched version) or retract instantly (standard version). When shooting out a window I like to leave the legs forward (parallel with the barrel) and rest the bottom of the leg about midpoint on the window frame. This is especially handy with the swivel version, as you can still can't the pod from side to side with the legs closed to get the crosshair vertical.

The easiest way to understand the differences between models (using the model numbers) is as follows:

"1A2" - This is the latest and greatest Harris Bipod.

Main set of letters in the model designation:
"BR" - Benchrest (lowest) version. Works well for low prone positions where grass, rocks or other obstructions are minimal. Good for uphill or downhill, shooting off rocks and backpacks. Good for pole blinds and other game stands. Adjusts from 6" to 9".
"BL" - This is the "low" bipod that extends from 9" to 13". It's fine from the bench, prone shooting is excellent. Good all-around "first" Harris bipod if you plan on using it in the field.

Suffixes in the model designation (if any):
None - The BR, BL (no suffix) are the standard-leg versions. You pull them from the foot pad to open and tighten the thumbscrew to set length at any point. Push the button under the thumbscrew from full extension (or loosen the thumbscrew from any set position) and the internal spring collapses them instantly to the minimum height. (Push-button close) I find they are best used either fully open or fully closed, but you can set them in the middle if necessary.
"M" - The BR-M and BL-M are the notched leg versions. These open completely with the push of a button and the notches are an inch apart for fast set-up at any height. Manually collapsed by holding the button and pushing the leg in. Not available on the H or 25 series.
"H" - This is the 13.5" to 23" high, two-piece leg version. Lightest weight of the tall units, they retract with the push of a button just like the BR and BL. Prone to sitting position, on the tall side for bench use.
"25" - This is the 12" to 25" tall, three-piece leg versions. With the widest adjustment range of all, they work well from prone to sitting positions. Better from the bench than the "H" model, but still on the tall side. Since the leg is three-piece, its heavier than the two-piece models. The bottom legs pop out instantly while the middle section gets pulled out manually and pops in instantly. The bottom section is either open or closed only, the center section operates like "BR or BL", namely open or closed with a thumb-knob to tighten to set the height at any point in between.

"S" Designation - These are the ones that swivel from side to side to allow for uneven terrain. Thumb-knob tightens-up the swivel motion.

1A2-BR - Adjustable legs extend from 6" to 9" Standard Legs. (Bench Rest, 9.7 oz)
1A2-BR-S - Adjustable legs extend from 6" to 9" Standard Legs. (Bench Rest, 13.0 oz) "S" Series - (Swivels)
1A2-BR-M - Adjustable legs extend from 6" to 9" with Leg Notches. (Bench Rest 9.6 oz)
1A2-BR-M-S - Adjustable legs extend from 6" to 9" with Leg Notches. (Bench Rest, 12.9 oz) "S" Series - (Swivels)
1A2-BL-S - Adjustable legs extend from 9" to 13" Standard Legs. (Prone, 14.0 oz) "S" Series - (Swivels)
1A2-BL-M-S - Adjustable legs extend from 9" to 13" with Leg Notches. (Prone 14.0 oz) "S" Series - (Swivels)
1A2-H - Adjustable legs extend from 13 1/2" to 23" Two Piece Standard Legs. (13.5 oz)
1A2-25 - Adjustable legs extend from 12" to 25" Three Piece Standard Legs. (17.0 oz)
1A2-25-S - Adjustable legs extend from 12" to 25" Three Piece Standard Legs. (19.3 oz) "S" Series - (Swivels)

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    Harris bipod

    Posted by Robert Setters on May 3rd 2024

    I love Harris products. They are very stable and compact. If they would just add the locking lever to the swivel at the factory!