iota Kremlin - Remington 700™ Rifle Stocks

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The iota KREMLIN is a composite rifle stock that combines key features from both hunting and target stock designs, creating one multifunctional precision stock for a wide range of experiences.

  • Molded-in colors for looks and durability.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced composite mold maximizes the rifle stock's strength under compression of fully equipped rifle.
  • Custom Machined pillars to maintain proper action and bottom metal dimensions, reducing stock fatigue and maintaining accuracy. 
  • Rigid butt stock that still maintains the typical weight of a hunter stock provides the durability necessary for the backcountry as well as the ability to handle larger calibers. 
  • Widened, but trim beavertail forend maximizes stability and promotes sustainable balance throughout a variety of positions, movements, and stances – including shooting from a sand bag. 
  • Custom AirTech recoil pad made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology effectively absorbs a wide range of frequencies to dissipate energy and vibration. 
  • Matte texture with a variety of molded in color schemes, molded in ports, and hand laid for a premium quality and look. 
  • Vertical grip with ambidextrous palm swell 

Composite layup rifle stocks reinforced with a carbon fiber core to achieve superior strength in a lightweight build. Available for a variety of barrel channels and bottom metal configurations. 

  • Length of Pull: 13.5"
  • Buttstock Width: 1.57"
  • Drop at Comb: .343"
  • Action Diameter: 1.735"
  • Action Depth: 1.735"
  • Grip Width: 1.57"
  • Max Forearm Width: 2.271"
  • Overall Length: 31.5"
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Please note that every iota stock is hand-mixed and molded, therefore every single stock is unique - color and pattern will vary from stock to stock.