New! Stocky's NextGen Ultra Carbon™ Hunter Composite Accublock® Stocks Howa 1500


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Our highly-rated HOWA 1500 Accublock CF™ Hunter Stock is a classically-styled Ultra Carbon hand laminated sporting riflestock suitable for any and all hunting conditions.

Weighing in at 22ounces it is the lightest, handiest classic for the demanding Howa 1500 SA or LA rifleman.

Nominal Specs:
O.A.L. 29.5”
L.O.P. 13.5”
Weight 625g (22 oz)
Recoil Reduction via SVL Limbsaver pad

Stocky's take: When LSI asked us to develop a carbon lay-up stock for the excellent 1500 action we were definitely up to the challenge. But the one thing we did not want to do is take an existing model designed for another rifle and simply inlet for the 1500 receiver. We wanted a stock designed precisely for the use.

We put our patented Howa Accublock™CF structure to work and the results have been outstanding. With it we have logged many Sub MOA groups with facvtory fodder... some as small as 1/2"! Not bad for a stock that weighs well under a pound and a half.

Recoil wise, many people remark how little felt recoil actually makes it back to the shoulder. This is due to two factors - first and foremost the Simms Vibration Laboratory Limbsaver® pad design. We use this pad on literally every sporter we offer for rifles up to and including the ultramags and PRC's. At first glance a customer, even a profesional shooter, will remark they would normally prefer a 1" pad over this 5/8" pad. Then they shoot it and to a person comment that this stock actually seems to recoil less than the competitions' thicker pads.

The other reason apparent recoil is lessened is the straight design of the stock itself, of course. Additionally, our proprietary composites, although very rigid, dampen rather than transmit a certain amount of the recoil impulse. (Feeling is believing.)

Bottom line is, if you want to upgrade your existing 1500, this or the sister Vertical Grip is the way to go. If you don't have a receiver yet, check out your nearest Howa store and grab the factory model of choice. You will not be dissappointed.

1) Patented Carbon Fiber Composite Accublock® permanently bonded to external shell.
2) CNC milled internal teeth cam into radius of recoil lug to keep the barreled action concentric.
3) Rear pillar of Accublock® eliminates compression, tapered walls keep tang in concentricity.
4) Carbon Fiber Composite Accublock® reinforced receiver walls add even more rigidity. 
5) Uniquely specific layers of carbon fiber cloth are precisely placed by hand for longitudinal,
latitudinal and torsional rigidity, durability and accuracy. Solvent proof epoxy resin baked-in.
6) Entire forend hand-filled with our proprietary syntactic mixture for lightweight rigidity.
7) Precisely CNC free-floated barrel from receiver face to forend tip for reliable accuracy.
8) Super-strong, ergonomic grip handles the recoil and keeps you in control under stress.
9) Waterproof, closed-cell foam in the butt section deadens sound for quiet stalking.
10) SVL LIMBSAVER® buttpad reduces felt recoil for increased comfort and fast follow-ups.

Stocky's offers a limited lifetime warranty on all in house products. We are so confident in the integrity of your new stock if your stock breaks (for any reason other than intentional) return it and we will replace it for you at no charge.
22 oz
Length of Pull:
Overall Length:
Forend Width:
Max Barrel:
Can be opened up to 1.00"