NextGen UltraLite Carbon Fiber M50™ Remington 700™ Long Action Varmint Strata


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Stocky’s renowned M50™ Carbon Fiber stock is lighter and stronger than ever.

The M50™ is a full-size "M40-style" stock designed for any barrel you might want to run on it from sporter to M24 / Proof carbon (or even larger). Unlike our previous version, this model comes with the highest fixed comb one can offer and comfortably clear the cartridge bolt. It was designed to be my personal long range target and hunting stock. A close inspection will reveal the grip is very similar to the SAKO series palm swell, except done in an ambidextrous manner. We also widened the forend very slightly for improved handling with longer / heavier barrels.

This stock is for the 700 BDL long action with the varmint barrel contour. It is in the Strata finish. There are minor cosmetic issues which is why it is being discounted.