NextGen UltraLite Carbon Fiber VG2™ Savage 10/110 Stocks


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Stocky’s renowned VG2 Carbon Fiber stock is lighter and stronger than ever. THIS IS THE SAVAGE 10/110 VERSION!

 Truly the Next Generation of carbon fiber layup - they are stronger, lighter and more precisely machined than ever before. This, the newest stockmaking facility I am aware of, took us more than a year to put together but we finally accomplished it. These stocks are now 100% made at our West Palm Beach, FL facility.

You can be sure our new CF lineup is formulated with the best-of-the-best American Technology, indeed the world, has to offer. Each and every one of our fill materials were developed by some of the world's best composite chemists for this specific project. If we needed it, we sourced it then brought it in-house with little regard to cost. The goal was and is to build the best stock ever - and we feel its right here. The fact that it is at a very reasonable price is simply due to our buying power.


 High quality layups are routine at Stocky'sFor the beautiful exterior shell we hand lay layers of premium carbon fiber cloth one-at-a-time in our climate-controlled cleanroom, using our own molds. All seams are overlapping for added strength. We then thermodynamically activate the resins using our own proprietary, in-house designed and built computer-controlled convection ovens, controlling the heat curves to the temperatures required to achieve ideal curing / time curves for each individual model. The resulting CF shells are the lightest and strongest we have ever seen.

 Once the shell is completely cured it must be filled and inlet for your rifle. While some manufacturers might be tempted to use a relatively homogeneous fill for the forend as well as the receiver area, varying the density using fillers, we had another important requirement. Rather than adding weight and reducing strength by machining a big rectangular hole (like competitors) for adding in our aluminum Accublock® after-the-fact, we wanted to develop our own lightweight material that functionally duplicated T6061 aluminum metal from a compression and strength standpoint but could be molded right in as part of the manufacturing process. That was a tall order but our engineers accomplished it by developing a new Accublock® composite material from scratch. Needless to say we cannot tell you exactly how, but if you look closely at your stock you’ll see our famous Accublock® integrated and machined right into your stock. 

Stocky's take: When I tested conventional composites using our V-style bedding they literally cracked under torque. They were not strong enough to withstand the outward pressure to the sides of the V without splitting, so I came to realize something special would be required or else we'd be making just another composite stock. We solved the problem...

The some of the benefits will be obvious, for example when you torque the screws (45 in/lbs. suggested) you’ll have no squishiness. If you didn’t know better you would think it was aluminum. There will be no cracks or degradation of strength under torque and/or recoil of the heavier calibers. There will be no flaking or deterioration over time either. Unlike aluminum it is thermally stable as well. Whether you are hunting coues deer in the desert sun at 120° or muskox from an igloo at -50°, the torque settings will not change therefore giving you a more reliable zero under any and all conditions. It is also impervious to moisture and does not shrink or expand due to climate. 

Here’s what matters the most - We are so confident in the integrity of your new stock if your stock breaks (for any reason other than intentional) return it and we will replace it no charge. 


Carbon Accublock®

Our exclusive Carbon Accublock® design functions better than metal i some respects, plus requires no additional bedding. In fact you may discover it shoots the best right out of the box. However, if you or your customers require individual bedding the Accublock® was designed for skim-bedding as well, just as with our aluminum version. Simply scuff / remove any finish overspray and bed - the V will hold the reciever right where you want it while your bedding epoxy cures.

Recoil Pad

They are sporting our new custom SVL Limbsaver® recoil pads to soften the blow.

Stocky's New Limbsaver Pad

Since our VG, LRC, M50 and Thumbhole stocks take the same pads, it only made sense to consult the experts at Sims Vibration Labs to construct a proprietary Limbsaver® recoil pad designed specifically for these stocks. I think you'll agree it was a great move, not only do they suck-up the recoil energy but they are a striking addition aesthetically.

Also, since our CF lamination is so strong it holds a solid screw, the way we designed them is to simply to screw them on so they will be easier to change, although we are happy to accommodate your request to add some glue as well.


Nominal Specifications

Overall Length: 32.2"

Forend Width: 2" (at the swoop) 

Length Of Pull: 13.8" 

Average Weight: 28 - 30 oz

 Savage 10/110 4.40" DBM Bottom Bolt Release

Stocky's offers a limited lifetime warranty on all in house products. We are so confident in the integrity of your new stock if your stock breaks (for any reason other than intentional) return it and we will replace it for you at no charge.
Overall Length:
Length of Pull:
Forend Width:
28-30 oz
Max Barrel Contour:
Can Be Opened Up to 1.25" Straight Bull Barrel

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  • 5
    A Savage Success!

    Posted by Stoked on Apr 30th 2024

    This stick was excellent. I do wish they made a top bolt release option, but some minor fitting and my top bolt release short action is up and running. Excellent fit and finish across the board. This is a huge value in custom stocks! I have placed an other order already for a second rifle.

  • 5
    Vg2 Stocks

    Posted by Chris Wright on Apr 6th 2024

    Absolutely the best value out there! Great fit and finish. Excellent customer service and communication! Will do business with Stocky's for years to come! Thank you!