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Stocky's Bedding Gel was designed to take advantage of the latest technological advancements in epoxy research. It has the best possible advantages built into it for those that want a butter-smooth, no run pillar and bedding epoxy that provides the strongest possible bond to aluminum, wood and fiberglass-composite gunstocks. (instructions)

NEW VOLUME PRICING! Due to your support we were able to negotiate lower pint, quart and gallon pricing so we are passing the savings along to you.

I'd guess Stocky's Bedding Gel is identical to the large gunsmith supply houses' gel, only less expensive in the industrial-size quantities we buy it in. Looks like it, smells like it and sure works great for everything I've used it on. Same goes for the release agent. I discovered it after a great deal of searching for suitable gunsmithing composites. (If you'd rather have the brand-name kits, we carry them too.) In today's hi-tech age there's tons of epoxies out there, literally one for every conceivable application, but none as time-tested in the firearms community and certainly none easier to work with.

Containers and packaging costs almost as much as the epoxy so there's huge quantity discounts. We got some inexpensive containers and offer it here in smaller amounts for a lot less than you'd otherwise pay. This way we can also make up kits that include our pillars with just the right amount of epoxy for pillar installations only, through full-length bedding kits going forward. If you're a gunsmith or serious hobbyist give us a call and we can work out any package you need.

  • Easiest to use of all bedding epoxies:
    • No Goof - 1 : 1 Mixing Ratio
    • Mix Right In The Containing Jars
    • Viscosity of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
    • No-Mess - No Run Formulation
    • No Rush - Pot Life One Hour (One Ounce Batches)
    • Medium-Fast Set - Disassemble Components in 3-5 hours
    • Cures To Shootability in 24-48 Hours
      (The thicker the application the faster the cure because it generates more heat)
  • Bonds to Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass, Plexiglas, Concrete and More
  • Strongest Bedding Compound Yet - May be Drilled, Tapped, Filed, Etc.
  • Heat Resistant to 350 F
  • Waterproof & Gun Cleaning Chemical Resistant
  • Super Consistent For Butter-Smooth Mixing
  • Mixes With Atomized Metals If Desired
  • Cleans Up With White Vinegar While Soft
  • Brown, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, White & Red Dyes Available

Order per ounce, pints, quarts or gallons. Quantities indicate volume when mixed, in other words a quart is a pint of resin and a pint of hardner. Also available is a convenient one-gun kit which includes 2 oz epoxy, mixing sticks, release agent w/ application swab, black or brown coloring and rubber gloves. Order an extra ounce with a kit for full length (barrel bedding) jobs. Pillars are also sold separately on our site.

Save! Complete 5-Gun Shop Kit includes:
(1) Pint of Bedding Gel w/ Brown & Black Dye;
(5) Sets of Pillars (your choice of standard "V" tops or Pre-Cut 700's);
(1) Perfect Pillar Drill w/ pilot (see links below for descriptions)

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