Stocky's NextGen Ultra Carbon™ Hunter VG (Vertical Grip) Composite Accublock® Stocks - Winchester 70 Post 64

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Our new 700 VG Hunter is a classic vertical grip hand laminated sporting riflestock designed specifically to the profile of precision receivers. It is the choice for the rifleman that wants to shed every ounce possible in a short or long action receiver.

 Weighing in at just 26 ounces, it is our lightest, handiest Vertical Grip for the demanding precision rifle hunter.

 Nominal Specs:

L.O.P. 13.5”

O.A.L. 30”
Nominal Weight 700g (24 oz)
Recoil Reduction via SVL Limbsaver pad

Stocky’s Take: This is the smaller, lighter brother to our full-size VG2, designed for those that wish to shed every last ounce of weight but still maintain the fast-handling, precision-holding appeal of the renowned VG2. It is ideal for 18” to 24” barrels popular in these lightweight builds, but still looks great with the 26” units.