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JP Enterprises

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Stocky's® is now carrying the JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt™.

Since we have our Proof Research barrels head-spaced for these particular bolt assemblies, these are the perfect add-on to your AR Barrel.

We have the Enhanced Bolts for the .223, .308, 6.5 Grendel, and the High Pressure 308 bolt assembly for the 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Rem calibers. 


  • Fully compatible with Mil-spec .223 and standard .308 subcomponents
  • Superior SAE 9310 material for superior resiliency and extended lifespan
  • Additional material around cam pin hole to eliminate inherent weak point of bolt design
  • Improved lug geometry for reduced wear and easier locking/unlocking
  • JP Enhanced Ejector design mitigates case head extrusions and reduces brass smear
  • JP Enhanced Extractor optimizes extraction function and eliminates multiple common ejection failures
  • JP Enhanced Gas Rings reduce internal friction and wear of the bolt carrier while maintaining gas seal longer

The SAE 9310 of the JP EnhancedBolt™ is a superior steel alloy in virtually every way compared to the C-158, whether in its resistance to structural failure or life expectancy, both of which far exceeding the Mil-spec. Just as with the transmission gears for Formula 1 racers which are also made from 9310, the operational demands of a bolt assembly are ideally suited to this state-of-the-art material, with actual full-auto endurance torture tests prove it.

Beyond its material advantages, the design of the JP EnhancedBolt™ boasts many other advantages, including the addition of material around the cam pin hole to eliminate this inherent weak point of the bolt design itself. Each bolt also comes assembled with our proprietary Enhanced Ejector, Enhanced Extractor (.308 and Grendel) and Enhanced Gas Rings for improvements in every subcomponent. Yet even with these advanced components, all EnhancedBolts™ (excepting our .308 high pressure model, for obvious reasons) are fully compatible with the readily available Mil-spec subcomponents, including a standard configuration extractor—all the benefits of a state-of-the-art proprietary platform with none of the inconvenience.

JP Enterprises