H-S Precision® Pro-Series 2000 Varmint Stocks - Winchester® 70 Varmint Tactical & FN Patrol Bolt Rifle (PBR)

H-S Precision, Inc.

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The Pro Series varmint is a great Winchester 70 stock for post 1964 rifles. I would put it solidly in the 'sporter/varmint' category as the beavertail forend is more rounded on the bottom with a butt and palm section that is more streamlined than other H-S offerings. Thinner sporterized grip with no palm swell. For the shooter seeking a long-range walking varminter this unit would be hard to beat.

Materials:• Woven Kevlar® cloth • Woven fiberglass cloth • Uni-directional carbon fiber • Epoxy-based gel coat and laminating resin • Reaction injection molded (machine mixed) polyurethane foam, fiberglass reinforced • Proprietary CNC machined aluminum bedding block chassis system, designed by H-S Precision • Non-reflective, non-slip baked-on polyurethane finish • Uncle Mike's sling swivel studs • Uncle Mike's Ultra-Mag recoil pad

Nominal Specs - Weight 2.5 pounds L.O.P. 13.5" O.A.L. 31"

Available Configurations:
PSV042 WIN 70 SHORT ACTION 2PC Floorplates
PSV060 WIN 70 LONG ACTION 2PC Floorplates
(Extremely limited quantities of the PBR stocks. NO RETURNS on the PBR STOCK. Subject to discontinuance without notice.)

These units are cut for the 2 pc floorplate that may be available from the Winchester Parts Department. The 2 piecers were the most popular configuration from like 1965 thru the '90s. If you have a 1pc. floorplate or no floorplate at all on your gun you'll need to buy parts to use this stock. Get the trigger guard (#26), magazine cover (#30), magazine box (#24), plus the magazine spring (#102) & cartridge follower (#101) for a complete conversion. Estimated cost is about $75 to $100 complete. They no longer sell these parts in quantities to gunsmiths so you need to get them yourself. The PSV060 LA will have a cheekpiece. The Short Action models have no cheekpiece. Here's the schematic click it and look for the numbers I listed above.

One more thing - ALL M70's made before 1985 were LONG ACTIONS regardless of the caliber. Be sure to measure just to be sure.

H-S Precision Inc.
Overall Length:
2.5 lbs
Length of Pull:
Forend Width:
Rear-2.46 Front-2.44
Max Barrel Contour:
.930 muzzle