H-S Precision® Pro-Series 2000 Savage® 10FP 12 Target Varmint Tactical Single Shot & Repeater Stocks PSV 102 106 118 121

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Long awaited for release to the general public, Stocky's is happy to bring you this outstanding varmint/tactical stock at long last. This unit is for a recent crop of heavy barrel Savage Short Action rifles, centerfeed design with either 4 3/8" (4.40") spacing or the older 4.25" spacing between the 2 main receiver screws. The new 3-screw target actions have the third screw thru the center of what would be the magazine on a repeater, and the magazine region is solid aluminum under the receiver! This allows you to get a good torgue on all 3 for the best bedding and accuracy possible. (Do not count the rear trigger guard screw.) 

There is much variation among Savages and different measurements even on the new target models, if the screws don't line up it's not going to fit. Savage owners absolutely, positively must measure the rifle before purchasing this stock (.pdf download)! We strongly recommend that you physically measure the receiver as indicated before you buy a new rifle if you plan on replacing the stock because there are brand new units being shipped today that nothing aftermarket will fit.

Savage Receivers

Made of the finest composite materials available today, the full-length aluminum chassis is exposed (see photos on the left) to seat your receiver in the most accurate way possible. If your rifle does not shoot in this stock, it might be time to get a new rifle.

Nominal Specs: (measurements by Stocky)
weight 2.7 lbs; o.a.l. 31.5 "; l.o.p. 13.5 "; Cut for Savage Police/Varmint barrels ( .850" muzzle diameter) 24"- 30" barrels as-is, may be opened-up to 1.250" bulls if necessary. Recoil lug to forend 10.6" , 2 swivel studs.
Download the .pdf specifications.

  • PSV118 Savage 12, 10FP Heavy Barrels, 4.40" Screw Spacing, Detachable / Hinged Magazine version.
  • PSV106 Savage 12, 10FP Heavy Barrels, 4.40" Screw Spacing, 3 Screw Right Bolt Left Port Target Actions, Single Shot
  • PSV102 Savage 12, 10FP Heavy Barrels, 4.25" Screw Spacing, Blind Magazine
  • PSV121 Savage 12, 10FP Heavy Barrels, 3.44" Screw Spacing, 3 Screw Dual Port Target Actions, Single Shot

Materials: • Woven Kevlar® cloth • Woven fiberglass cloth • Uni-directional carbon fiber • Epoxy-based gel coat and laminating resin • Reaction injection molded (machine mixed) polyurethane foam, fiberglass reinforced • Proprietary CNC machined aluminum bedding block chassis system, designed by H-S Precision.

Features: • Ambidextrous palm-swell • Full length aluminum bedding block • Non-reflective, non-slip baked-on polyurethane finish • Uncle Mike's sling swivel studs • Uncle Mike's Ultra-Mag recoil pad

Warranty: All H-S Precision Pro-Series® stocks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. A copy of this warranty is included with each stock.

Orders and pricing: Black, Olive with Black Spiderweb and Tan with Black Spiderweb in-stock (see below) or quicker ship if not, all at our special sale pricing.

Stocky's take: Made especially for the longest and heaviest barrels, this is the choice of the finest Special Forces and other Law Enforcement / Emergency Response teams worldwide, these units and their cousins (featured elsewhere on our site) are the best-of-the-best. Also available are the PST101/114 Vertical Grip M24 Tactical models.

H-S Precision Inc.
Overall Length:
2.7 lbs
Length of Pull:
Max Barrel Contour: