Special Edition! Remington 700™ ADL Classic Walnut Or Laminated Wood Riflestocks

Remington Arms Co.

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700 ADL Classic Grip Checkering Blind Mag

Here at stocky's we know there are a lot of Remington 700 ADL™ rifles out there, if not they sure are reasonably priced at the big box stores, so we thought you might appreciate the option to dress yours up a bit!

These are the Classic profile Rem 700™ silhouette, but cut for the ADL blind magazine with Remington's signature laser-engraved checkering panels on either side of the grip and forend. Swivel studs front and rear plus a nice Custom Shop hand-fitted Remington logo recoil pad.

This is the first shipment - more versions and colors are on their way!

Remington Arms Co.