Stocky's® AccuBlock® Apache Laminated Thumbhole Riflestock - Remington 700™

Stocky's AccuBlocks

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Stocky is happy to announce the addition of the Accu.Block® to this popular stock! Designed for bags, bipod, offhand, sitting, prone as well as any and all field positions, the new Apache embodies everything we've learned about laminated thumbholes to date.

Shop & Compare these quality features & benefits with any competitive model and I think you'll agree:

  • Laminated Hardwood Construction
    • No warping - retains zero and accuracy.
    • Stiffest material available = top accuracy.
    • Excellent adhesive base for epoxy.
    • Limited flexing using proper tight-sling technique.
    • Available in solid walnut if desired.
  • Weather Resistant Hand Rubbed Finish
    • Retains zero even when wet.
    • Won't warp, crack or peel.
    • Does not yellow with exposure, heat or age.
  • Ventilated Forend
    • Enlarged ports promote circulation.
    • Barrel stays cooler for extendend periods.
  • Unique Forend Design
    • Double studs to attach a sling and a bipod.
    • Off hand gripping platform for field shooting.
    • Vents double as finger grips for rock solid hold.
  • Vertical Grip Design
    • Vertical orientation = trigger control.
    • Up to 1/3 of free recoil is absorbed.
    • Attractively flared style palm swell for comfort.
  • Stylish & Functional Buttstock Design
    • Raised cheek rest for telescopic sights only.
    • Designed to recoil away, not into your face due to downward taper.
    • Straight design reduces muzzle jump.
  • Premium Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad
    • Best recoil reduction in the business!
    • Especially valuable for short magnum & ultra magnum rifles.

Stocky's AccuBlocks
Overall Length:
3 lbs 2 oz
Length of Pull:
Forend Width:
Max Barrel Contour: