Stocky's® Eliminator Compatible with Ruger® 10/22® Pistol Grip Thumbhole Laminated Riflestock


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Eye catching as well as functional, Stocky's® is happy to bring you these cutting-edge style bull barrel thumbhole target stocks for your Ruger® 10/22®. Choice of satin or high gloss laminated colors plus our famous mirror-finish walnut! Not settling for the same ol' - same ol', once again you have a new choice at Stocky's®.

Shop & Compare these quality features and benefits:

Eliminator Description (Ruger 10/22)

  • Adult 13.5" length of pull;
  • Clean drop-in, .920" bull barrel inletting;
  • Ventilated barrel channel for improved cooling;
  • Vertical grip thumbhole design for accurate and comfortable trigger control;
  • Finger grooves for exceptional comfort and style;
  • Finger ridges down both sides of the forend for sturdier hold;
  • Carved buttstock keeps weight to about 2.5 lbs.;
  • High raised cheekrest means better cheek weld (exclusively for scope use);
  • Solid brass screw bushing with screw stop-loss feature (screw will not fall out when disassembled)
Low Luster Finish:
  • Tawny Brown (Brown/Brown)
  • Granite Gray (Black/Gray)
  • Birch (Tan/Brown/Gray)
  • Timber (Olive/Brown/Gray)
  • Coffee (Brown/Gray)
  • Brandy (Dark Red/Brown/Gray)
  • Desert (Rose/Brown/Orange)
High Gloss Finish:
  • Autumn (Pumpkin/Gray)
  • Crimson (Red/Gray)
  • Hornet (Yellow/Gray)
  • Plum (Plum/Gray)
  • Cobalt Blue (Blue/Gray)
  • Safari (Green/Blue/Tan)
  • Evergreen (Green/Gray)
  • Pink (Pink/Gray)
  • Solid Claro Walnut

Stocky's® take: In response to the steady drumbeat of requests we've received over the past several years, after almost a year of development work here's the new Eliminator! As you might imagine we were quite excited about the first load. Upon opening the first box it was ever so satisfying to watch everyone's jaw drop over the aesthetics and handling. "Feels like its a part of my hand" was heard more than once. "Gloss really pops on a stock with this much styling" was another. Once I pryed one out of somebody's hands and saw the finished product I had to agree, the consensus was unanimous - we at Stocky's® feel this is among the finest rimfire riflestocks ever produced. If there is a more comfortable grip and forend with this level of style and ergonomics I've not seen it. No faint praise from this crew, wait 'till you get yours. (Might want to check out its sister stock, the Anschutz® thumbhole also.)


Overall Length:
2.5 lbs
Length of Pull:
Forend Width:
Max Barrel Contour: