Stocky's® AccuBlock® Heritage Classic Remington 700™ BDL Laminated Sporter

Stocky's AccuBlocks

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The most inherently accurate classic sporter stock ever developed, Stocky is proud to bring you the first walnut and/or laminated riflestock with a solid, CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bedding block. - The AccuBlock® Heritage! We think you'll agree this is the single most important development in a wood gunstock since laminates first came to town.

Produced exclusively for Stocky's® and held to 0.001" tolerences (one-thousandth), we think you'll agree this is the most potentially accurate out-of-the-box wooden stock ever made on a production basis. In fact, Stocky feels the AccuBlock® is single most important development since laminates first came to town.

Precision CNC machined 6061-T6 has been shown to reduce harmonics (vibrations) under stress and that quality, combined with it's reputation for accuracy and durability, is the reason we have chosen that particular metallurgy for this premium stock. The "V" runs parallel the entire length of the block allowing for the 0.028" variations of 700 receiver diameters to all nestle snugly into the block.(1) We have integrated shallow grooves the full length of the block for the express purpose of holding more bedding epoxy if you decide to "skim bed" the block (this is optional).(2) Additionally, aluminum pillars are inserted into machined recesses in the bottom of the AccuBlock®, completing the solid aluminum top-to bottom bedding platform.

Low Luster Finish:

  • Tawny Brown (Brown/Brown)
  • Granite Gray (Black/Gray)
  • Birch (Tan/Brown/Gray)
  • Timber (Olive/Brown/Gray)
  • Coffee (Brown/Gray)
  • Brandy (Dark Red/Brown/Gray)
  • Desert (Rose/Brown/Orange)

High Gloss Finish:

  • Autumn (Pumpkin/Gray)
  • Crimson (Red/Gray)
  • Hornet (Yellow/Gray)
  • Plum (Plum/Gray)
  • Cobalt Blue (Blue/Gray)
  • Safari (Green/Blue/Tan)
  • Evergreen (Green/Gray)
Click here for a big, high-resolution photograph of the colors available.

AccuBlock Features & Benefits:

  • Precision CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bedding block reduces hamonics / vibration;
  • V-Block allows for the various diameters of Rem 700 recievers produced over the years.(1)
  • Integrated skim bedding channels if bedding is desired (bedding is completely optional);(2)

Citation (1): We have measured a variation of 0.028" (about 30 thousandths) on typical Remington 700 receiver diameters over the years. This means the ordinary round bottom "U" shaped bedding blocks must be cut for the largest common (one fit all) denominator, resulting in a loose fit the vast majority of the time. Therefore undersized receivers typically have one or two non-symetrical bering points - the bottom of the "U" and one side or the other, depending on various factors. The AccuBlock® incorporates two strategically placed contact points on either side of the block, producing a "V" style block with just one one contact point per side. In this way even the narrowest 700 receiver will nestle snugly into the block for maximum precision.
Citation (2): After speaking with many of our more experienced customers / precision riflesmiths the composite aluminum block stocks we offer (i.e. Bell & Carlson Medalists) we have observed that it is very popular to "Skim Bed" even the most precise aluminum block stocks. This involves adding a very small amount of epoxy (perhaps a teaspoon to a tablespoon) under the reciever behind the recoil lug to fill in any variation in the bedding whatsoever. These folks are perfectionists. Since there is no harm in providing the bedding grooves they requested, we have listened and done so. We stress that skim bedding is completely optional and we have rarely, if ever noticed any improvement skim bedding standard factory rifles, nor do we even recommend doing so except for the most demanding of applications. You can get the epoxy shipped with your stock if you prefer to do this..

Stocky's AccuBlocks
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