Stocky's® Stinger Designed For Ruger® 1022® Stocks - Bull or FBC Barrels Walnut

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This stock is for the Ruger 10/22 and will work for the .920 or factory barrel. This stock is in the Walnut with the gloss finish. 

Stocky's® Stinger Thumbhole Stock is a racy design that enhances stability while reducing weight.

They're way nicer that those old, outdated versions. Fits any barrel.

The unique forend offers a free float design, yet maintains adequate surface for a firm hand hold or a steady rest. The buttstock is skeletonized for maximum weight reduction without a sacrifice in stability or comfort.

Overall length - 26"
Length of Pull - 13.75"
Weight - 32 oz.

This stock is on clearance. Therefore no returns will be accepted for any reason.  It would require modification for the ejection port.