Weatherby® Mark V® Long Range Sporter (LRS™) Thumbhole Laminated Stock

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Now With Dual Forend Studs (three total, one for bipod, two for sling)

These ar a more traditional sporter style thumbhole stock that is right at home in the woods or on the range. Virtually impervious to magnum recoil, super-steady to hold - Outstanding for Tacticians, Varminters, accuracy buffs or rock-solid cross canyon shots with your Magnum. Makes a .300 feel like shooting a .308 Win. It is also a very handsome stock, sporting a gracefully tapered thumbhole, gracefully flared yet meaty pistol-grip and unique rolled-cheekpiece.

These features give this model a great feel both off the bags and offhand, with many shooters mounting a bipod in the forward stud and attaching the sling on the rear one. This drop-in style gunstock is complete with a vented recoil pad, black pad spacer and an extremely smooth non-reflective weather resistant finish that will not crack or yellow with years of use.

Shop & Compare these quality features:

  1. Comfortable 13.5" length of pull;
  2. Ergonomically correct grip with palm swell;
  3. Thick, comfortable cheekrest with stylish off-side rollover;
  4. Dual forend studs for sling and bipod;
  5. Extra strong in the tang region and grip neck;
  6. Virtually flawless satin finish - among the best we've seen;
  7. Functional AIRECOIL recoil pad with attractive black spacer;
  8. Machined aluminum stock bushing on blind magazine models;
  9. Double-layer laminations on two-tones for more vibrant color!

Stocky's® take: Specially built for Weatherby's Mark V 9-lug (.300 Weatherby Magnum size) action length these beauties are built to hunt. Fits German, Japanese and American made rifles with a standard #2 contour barrel. Fit's #1 contours as well, the difference is mainly in the chamber area (small gap where it tapers) and is barely noticible, I just dropped my favorite old German Lightweight .300WM right into