Long Range Sporter Thumbhole Stocks - Remington 788

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These are the finest aftermarket stocks ever made for the Remington 788! I realize that is a strong statement but when you see the condition our competitors stock arrives in you will know exactlty what I mean, we used to carry them. These are the only fully inletted, fully finished premium drop-in stocks for those excellent old tack driving machines available today, in our #1 selling thumbhole. Even the floorplate is inletted, something others don't always do.

The LRS is a stylish sporter style thumbhole stock that is right at home in the woods or on the range. Features include a comfortable rollover cheek piece and a semi-flat forend for greater stability when shooting from a rest while retaining a comfortable grip for offhand and field position shooting. This exciting gunstock is a completely finished 'drop-in' (minor fitting may be necessary but I doubt it) and our goal ois to have you shooting one of the world's best thumbholes 15-30 minutes after you open the box.

It comes with a durable, ding-resistant, non-reflective, no-spook, waterproof finish, dual forend studs (sling and 'pod) and a thick vented AireCoil recoil pad. Dare to compare ... the rich, dark, uniform coloring, premium machining and finishing combine to produce the most striking and functional laminated riflestock in the price range today.

Shop & Compare these quality features:

  1. Comfortable 13.5" length of pull;
  2. Ergonomically correct grip with palm swell;
  3. Thick, comfortable cheekrest with stylish off-side rollover;
  4. Dual forend studs for sling and bipod;
  5. Extra strong in the tang region and grip neck;
  6. Virtually flawless satin finish - among the best we've seen;
  7. Functional AIRECOIL recoil pad with attractive black spacer;

Remington 788 - Unconventional lengths (A "long action" is a .308., "short action" is .22/250 or smaller), be sure to measure takedown screws if in doubt.
Long Action 7 1/8" (.243, 6mm, .308)