Wyatt's DetMag (M4) Flush Mount Detachable Magazine Assembly - Remington 700™ BDL Short and Long Action

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Very nice quality machined aluminum detachable magazine system (aluminum triggerguard; steel magazines) with a black powder coated finish. Significant improvement on the Remington DM for two major reasons:

  1. No side buttons so they will fit into most factory BDL stocks:*
    • no fitting on Bell & Carlson's stocks
    • minor or no fitting on Remington SPS stock
    • no fitting on H-S Precision stocks
    • no fitting on Manner's stocks
    • laminates may need minor fitting
  2. Single stack (vertical cartridge feeding) for smoother, more reliable follow up shots.
    • That is why the 5 round is taller than the staggered design of the Remington factory DM. This could be a drawback carrying a hunting rifle but is a big advantage for reliability. Also, check your local laws for any magazine capacity limits on BOLT ACTION hunting rifles. Some states limit capacity for hunting on semi-autos but not bolt guns, others may limit both so be sure to check.

Wyatts Detachable

Stockys take: The standard long and short action units we tested drop in to Bell & Carlson, Manners and most other synthetic BDL-type factory stocks very neatly, including the plastic SPS stock. There has been no fitting necesssary that I have observed (and tried many) on any of our composite stocks but you never know until you try it. We have seen two occassions where a small washer (spacer) was used under the front guard screw to get the proper fit, Wyatt will supply this with a phone call, or simply grab a pack at your local hardware store.

A no-brainer in my book for any 700 hinged-to-detachable conversion. Here's the photographic result of a torture test of these units along with some input. Dropped the magazine 300 feet on to a hard gravel parking lot and it still fed cartridges.

Important note: The Ultra Mag / .338 Lapua version is set up for forward seating those long, sexy SMK's / VLD's. Due to the extra length they should be installed by a qualified gunsmith as minor modifications needed to receiver and bolt stop (instructions included). No such issues on the standard long or short action.

Belted Magnums are fine in the long action ".300 Win Mag" assembly / magazines (i.e. 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag., .340 Wby Mag.)
Sorry, no Short Magnums in the .308 magazines.

The 300 Rum will work in the 5rd .300 Win Mag Assembly but will not work with the 10rd Assembly. 

The 22-250 will feed in the 5rd. 308 Assembly but will not work with the 10rd Assembly.

The .308 10rd magazines cannot be sent to California. 

Cartridge Family Capacity Available Maximum Cartridge O.A.L. Drop From Bottom Of Assembly
.223 10 Only 2.850" 3"
.308 5 or 10 2.880" 5 - 2"
10 - 5"
.30/06 -
.300 Win.
5 or 10 3.700 5 - 2"
10 - 5"
.300 RUM
.338 Lapua
5 or 8 3.790 5 - 2"
8 - 4"

Assembly includes the bottom metal with one magazine. Extra magazines are available below also.

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