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Inspired design with modularity, ergonomic fit, versatility and accuracy in mind! The SABER MOD-0 provides users with a highly accurate drop-in torque down solution to upgrade a favored rifle or custom build. MOD-0 SABER rifle chassis are manufactured in compliance with ISO:9001-2008 standards from aerospace grade alloys, advanced composites, super-strong carbon fiber materials. The MOD-0 is simple to install and designed to accommodate existing two-piece and many one-piece receiver scope bases requiring no special tools, but you may need a new set of scope rings so your objective clears the forend. SABER MOD-0 provides users with a fully adjustable fixed length shoulder stock, configurations for many popular right and left hand rifle action manufacturers and a Quattro carbon fiber forend with top and bottom accessory rail positions.

Invariably, the interested party will compare the Mod-0 with the more expensive Mod-1 stock. See Stocky's take below for details.


    Shoulder Stock
  • Fully Adjustable Shoulder Stock Ergonomics
  • Fixed
  • Hand Tool Adjustable (HTA)
  • Limbsaver® Recoil Pad
  • Standard Butt Hook w/optional Interchangeable Monopod
  • Integral Flushcup Sling Swivel Points
  • Comfortable for Right or Left Hand Shooting


    Center Chassis Section
  • Modularly Interchangeable (short, long and XL)
  • A1-5rd, A2-10rd and A3 5/10rd
  • Variable Angle Grip Adapters
  • MAGPUL® Hand Grip
  • Grip to Trigger Distance Adjustment
  • Paddle Lever Magazine Release optional Ambi-TG


    Quattro Forend
  • MOD-0 requires a high to extra high set of rings with any receiver scope base
  • Includes 4 top and bottom rails ( no side rails)
  • Re-Locatable MIL-STD 1913 Accessory Rails: standard 12?, 4? also with Flushcup Sling Swivel Inserts
  • Completely modular rifle chassis system
  • Ergonomically designed for precision shooting
  • High strength alloy, composites and carbon fiber construction
  • Bedding-less action interface technology
  • Right and left hand models are standard
  • Adjustable cheekpiece, length of pull (LOP), recoil pad position, grip to trigger distance and optional Monopod position and height
  • Quattro forend co-bore aligned MIL-STD
  • 1913 side rails
  • Interchangeable components and sub-assemblies
  • New modern HUNTER rifle chassis with adjustable shoulder stock, box magazine,
    and traditional style forend
  • Completely user maintainable in the field with SABER® Field Multi-Tool
  • SABER® Electro-Optic scope rings 30mm, 34mm, 35mm
  • Durable corrosion resistant protective finishes
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs (approx.)

Stocky's take: Invariably, the interested party will compare the Mod-0 with the more expensive Mod-1 stock. The stocks are identical with the following exceptions:

  1. Forend comes with two 4" rails, not 3 12" rails and the big full-length monolith.
  2. Butt comes completely off with a hex wrench, does not fold.
  3. L.O.P. adjustment is through a spacer system (like McMillan's), not a push button like the Mod-1.
  4. Recoil pad adjusts vertically by simply loosening the hex screws that hold it on, retightening where desired.
  5. Cheek adjustments are identical on both models.

For the civilian and law enforcement officer that does not require the mounting of lasers and night vision, and sets his stock up and leaves it alone (for the most part), the Mod-0 should fill the slot nicely at a significant savings. Adding the various rails should you decide to mount an accessory or two, or moving the top rail provided to one side for a Sure-Fire or laser sight is a snap. In my estimation this and the sister Mod-1 are the standards that all other modular chassis' should be compared.