Pillar Bedding Sleeves PRE CUT for Remington 700™ - 9/16" Aluminum


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Most aluminum pillar bedding sleeves offered by the gunsmith houses are about 1/3" too long for the Remington® 700™ stocks they are usually used with. This creates a challenge for the hobbyist, as well as extra work for the professional gunsmith, getting them cut to length.

Not anymore, these units are cut to standard Remington length(s) for a great fit in the front (0.735") and rear (1.250") positions. This means if you can drill the holes in the stock, you can install the pillars like a pro, simply install them so they contact the bottom of the receiver.

Minor tolerence variations in your particular stock will not affect performance, and they are the recommended heights for our M4 Flush Mount Detachable Magazine Assembly to feed flawlessly.

Designed provide a rock-solid, compression-free fit between bottom metal and action to maximize accuracy from your hunting or target rifle. Far more stable than traditional stock-to-metal fitting methods, these sleeves work best with ALL popular bedding epoxies, we recommend Stocky's Epoxy Gel. Exterior grooves maximize gripping area for bedding epoxy to guarantee that even the most frequent disassembly won t loosen these sleeves.

SPECS: Machined aluminum. 9/16" nominal, .3" diameter center hole. Short sleeve 0.735" actual. Long sleeve 1.250" actual, flat tops and bottoms for fool-proof installation.

Sold in Combo Pairs of 1 each for the complete rifle. (Quan. 1 = one pair) Instructions included.

Use Stocky's Perfect Pillar Driller for the perfect hole.