Stocky's® Eliminator Remington 700™ Pistol Grip Thumbhole Laminated Riflestock - Short Action


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Eye catching as well as functional, Stocky's® is happy to bring you these cutting-edge thumbhole target / varmint stocks for your Remington 700, made exclusively for us by KSA.

The vented forend allows air to circulate and cool your barrel as quickly as possible. Since varminting typically involves shooting a lot of rounds, we have also paid close attention to recoil control... the cheek tapers forward so your face won't get pounded to a pulp all day in dogtown, it sports a 1" vented AirCoil pad that's ideal for varminting, plus the vertical finger-grip design allows you to control the lighter kick of varmint cartridges better.

Shop & compare these quality features and benefits:

  • 13.5" length of pull;
  • Choice of varmint or sporter barrel channel;
  • Ventilated barrel channel for improved cooling;
  • Vertical grip, thumbhole design for outstanding trigger control;
  • Multi-use forend for hand grip, sandbags or bipod use;
  • Finger ridges down both sides of the forend for sturdier hold;
  • One of the lighter centerfire laminates - about 2.5 lbs.;
  • High raised cheekrest means better cheek weld;
  • Comb tapers forward so recoil will not pound your face.

Stocky's® take: In an ergonomic departure from traditional centerfire stock design, you are sure to find our new 700 Eliminator is not only the most comfortable, easy to shoot varmint stock on the market, but also one of our most attractive. Sure to turn heads at the range as well as in the field, bolt one of these onto your 700 and enjoy a shooting experience that may very well transform your concept of gunstocks forever!

As an avid pasture-poodle and dogtown buff, I understand how shooting hundreds of rounds a day can take its toll in soreness and fatigue even when shooting small-caliber varmint rounds. If many of the "varmint" stocks even have a recoil pad, the pads most commonly used are designed for the .30-06 on up and are way too hard for .204, .223, .22-250 and .243-class rounds to do any good, so we chose a softer pad.

Next there's the cheekrest... I've headed home myself after a long day of varminting or target shooting with my cheek bruised from launching several-hundred 55 gr. pills, so I can relate. As the day wears on it starts affecting your shooting even from a gun that people say "doesn't recoil." To help avoid this I tapered the comb forward, while leaving it high enough for a good cheek-weld even on big 50mm objective varmint scopes (that's a 4.5-14X40mm in the above photo to show my "perfect" mount height, plenty of room for a 6-20X50mm or even larger)

Then there's the grip, I believe its the most comfortable stock on the market today. The vertical design won't contort your wrist as you squeeze the trigger, and the finger grooves keep your hand in the same position shot after shot while keeping more of the recoil away from your face and shoulder.

You can screw a Harris Bipod on the front swivel stud (I'd suggest gluing the stud permanently in place) and still have plenty of room on the 'belly" for your off-hand or other "hasty rest" position for a snap-shot or two when the coyote that saw you first is off and running at a full-out sprint.

Overall Length:
2 lbs 13 oz
Length of Pull:
Forend Width:
Max Barrel Contour: